VIDEO: Halliburton Truck Driver Catches Ambush in Iraq

Posted by liaison on February 13, 2007

Halliburton Truck Driver Catches Ambush in Iraq. Marked as: Mature,

Halliburton does not arm its civilian truck drivers, who in Iraq are often the target of insurgent attacks. In one case, on September 20, 2005, a Halliburton convoy of four trucks was ambushed north of Baghdad. All four trucks were struck by IEDs and were disabled. Their US National Guard escort was thought to have abandoned the disabled vehicles, leaving the unarmed truck drivers defenseless. Three of the four truck drivers were executed by the insurgents while the surviving driver, Preston Wheeler, caught the event on video. It was 45 minutes before the US military arrived again at the scene. However, in a statement by senior military officials in Iraq, an investigation revealed that troops did not abandon the civilians and were “exiting the kill zone” during the ambush.

This video speaks completely for itself. All questions as to why diplomats, dignitaries, and journalists don’t leave the green zone are answered in this video taken by the survivor of the Halliburton convoy.


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FEITH, on his skewing of Iraq intel: “…and in presenting it I was not endorsing its substance.”

Posted by liaison on February 9, 2007

Jeez, the prez (Bush) of the U.S. has surrounded himself with some pretty sorry bastards. Makes me wonder about him. He and his cronies are skanky-like-skunks.

Lizz Winstead, in a Huffington Post blog (“Have a Little Feith in Him”), brings to our attention the fact that the intel we used to sell ourselves on the Iraq (Civil) War was skewed by the Pentagon.

Read the Washington Post Story for yourselves: Official’s Key Report On Iraq Is Faulted

Douglas J. Feith is one of the culprits in this horrendous scandal of lies:

Intelligence provided by former undersecretary of defense Douglas J. Feith to buttress the White House case for invading Iraq included “reporting of dubious quality or reliability” that supported the political views of senior administration officials rather than the conclusions of the intelligence community, according to a report by the Pentagon’s inspector general.

Feith’s office “was predisposed to finding a significant relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda,” according to portions of the report, released yesterday by Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.). The inspector general described Feith’s activities as “an alternative intelligence assessment process.”


At the time of Feith’s reporting, the CIA had concluded only that there was an “evolving” association, “based on sources of varying reliability.”

In a telephone interview yesterday, Feith emphasized the inspector general’s conclusion that his actions, described in the report as “inappropriate,” were not unlawful. “This was not ‘alternative intelligence assessment,’ ” he said. “It was from the start a criticism of the consensus of the intelligence community, and in presenting it I was not endorsing its substance.

Feith, who was defense policy chief before leaving the government in 2005, was one of the key contributors to the administration’s rationale for war. His intelligence activities, authorized by then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul D. Wolfowitz, and coordinated with Vice President Cheney’s office, stemmed from an administration belief that the CIA was underplaying evidence of then-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s ties with al-Qaeda.

This is the most evil, baldfaced lying and CYB (cover your bahookie) that America has ever witnessed. Here is my response to Lizz Winstead’s blog on Huffington Post:

“This was not ‘alternative intelligence assessment,’ ” he said. “It was from the start a criticism of the consensus of the intelligence community, and in presenting it I was not endorsing its substance.”

Oh my God! Appropriate words of comment on this statement are simply eluding me. I’m almost speechless upon reading that one short statement from Feith. I suppose the thing for me to do is to cut loose and go feral, in my best native West Texan:

“What a chickenshit son-of-a-bitch!” [my words] I believe this is the lying-est administration in the history of America.

This is how Feith simultaneously admits that he lied about intel, and got us into a stupid war turned civil war, got 3000 US troops killed, bankrupted our country, killed 650,000 Iraqis, forced 3.4 million (3,400,000) Iraqis to flee their homes or country, and is unhinging the entire Middle Eastern region of the world.

I am truly sickened by these disgusting sots – these Publicans, as I call them. They are vile, repugnant, amoral, and totally lacking any conscience. In feral West Texas we call them sorry bastards.

Denny – https://abovethefold.wordpress.com

Gen. Tommy Franks, by the way has called Feith, “the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth.”

Lizz Winstead is a terrifically funny writer, author, and comedienne. Take a look at some of her routines on her MySpace site.
As of this moment HuffPo has not yet posted my comment, but they usually do, sometimes hours later.

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Bush slashes aid to poor to boost Iraq war chest

Posted by liaison on February 6, 2007

Bush slashes aid to poor to boost Iraq war chest!!!!!!!!!! If you read only one article about the Iraq Civil War today, it should be this, from the British paper The Guardian Unlimited.

In the run-up to the invasion in 2003, the Pentagon’s projected estimate of the total cost of the war was $50bn. A White House economic adviser, Lawrence Lindsey, was fired by President Bush when he suggested that the total cost would be $200bn.

The New York Times noted that the cost of the war would have paid for universal healthcare in the US, nursery education for all three and four-year-olds in the country, immunisation for children round the world against a host of diseases, and still leave about half of the money left over.

The Pentagon has long complained that it is overstretched. Mr Bush wants to raise its budget from $600.3bn to $624.6bn for 2008 – about 20% of the total budget.

You know, one should not post in one’s own blog/forum when one is so angry that they see a red tinge all about them. But I am breaking my own rule. Goddamit, this makes me so mad I could just spit.

At this juncture we are facing about $1.5 trillion in debt for Bush’s totally broken, lost mess in Iraq. This includes the approx $800 Billion already plus the $660 Billion that taking care of the returning veterans will cost us. (Care for U.S. veterans could cost $662 bln: Harvard study)

Question: Just how in the hell does that lying S.O.B., George W. Bush, expect us to believe that that he can balance the budget without raising taxes (on the wealthier classes)? Well, this is how, gentle readers – he is going to protect his wealthy cronies and cut benefits to middle and lower income working people and retirees. This is the “compassionate conservatism” for which Bush was revered by neocons and other conservatives. “Compassionate conservatism” was the first great lie of the Bush reign. Give tax breaks to the wealthy 1% and make the bottom classes pay for it? Why?!! I think this isn’t just merely mean, it’s pathologically sadistic.

Bush promises no tax increases!!!! Oh My, Yes! Let’s just cut expenditures to the poorest classes in America, and borrow the rest so our children’s children can pay for our ongoing nightmare. This is just one of many insane ideas he has had recently. Another example is his contempt for the ideas of the Iraq Study Group Report. He refuses to talk to either Iran or Syria about the mess, and the Syrian President has stated publicly that part of the problem is that Bush will not offer talks.

On top of all this, he went into Iraq with inadequate troops and equipment, and has stood by while the damned thing spun out of control and into a Civil War.

Stop me now, kind Folks. I told you that I shouldn’t post on my own blog when I’m seeing red because of anger. This turkey of a president that we have for the next two years leaves me seeing red, daily.


“Impeach Bush,” say two New Mexico lawmakers!!

Posted by liaison on January 25, 2007

This is the first legislative attempt, to my knowledge, suggesting that impeachment proceedings should proceed against U.S. President George E. Bush:

SANTA FE (AP) — Two New Mexico lawmakers have introduced a measure calling on Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

State Sens. John Grubesic of Santa Fe and Gerald Ortiz y Pino of Albuquerque, both Democrats, said the resolution is a serious effort to try to trigger impeachment proceedings.

New Mexico, where lawmakers are meeting until March 17, would be the first state to pass the resolution, they said.

The measure alleges that Bush and Cheney conspired with others to intentionally mislead Congress and the public about the threat posed by Iraq in order to justify the war.

It also cites the administration’s warrantless wiretapping program and alleges the torture of prisoners and the denial of constitutional rights to enemy combatants.


While U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has said that “Iimpeachment is off the table,” these two New Mexico Lawmakers, are hoping to change some minds, perhaps Pelosi’s, over time.

After Congress impeached Clinton over his lying about his sex life, shouldn’t we begin to give some thought to doing the same to Bush who has lied about WMD, terrorist connections between Iraq and 9/11, that Congress had the same level of intel that the White House had prior to the Iraq invasion, that nobody could have anticipated that an insurgency could erupt from within Iraq, that the war would cost the U.S. a mere $50 Billion, that the oil revenues in Iraq were adequate to pay us back for the cost of the war, yada yada, ad nauseum, yada yada to as recently as two weeks ago Bush was claiming that the reason for the Iraq War [now Civil War] was that once Iran gets nuclear weapons, Saddam Hussein would have begun to obtain Nuclear weapons, too.

The last lie about Iranian nukes, therefore, Iraqi nukes simply falls flat on its face. Bush should be impeached for this one statement, alone. For this to be a valid reason for the war, we would have to have known about Iranian efforts to obtain nukes before the war. If we had truly known this for a fact at that time, then Iran would have been the natural target for a pre-emptive strike, rather than Iraq.

George W. Bush’s lying has gotten 3,000+ American troops killed, 600,000 Iraqi’s killed, cost the U.S. $800,000,000,000 (800 Billion $$$$$$) (8/10 of one Trillion dollars)!!!!!!! And this is not counting the estimated 1/2 trillion in cost to take care of the returning wounded and disabled U.S. troops over their lifetimes.

Seriously, George W. Bush has lied about some huge things that have had and will have some huge consequences in this, our real world.

If we fail to impeach Bush for his lies then we are saying that it is a hanging offense to lie about one’s private sex life (between consenting adults), but it is okay to cause a civil war, make up shit to get us into wars that will kill U.S. troops and Innocent Iraqi Citizens, and leave our children and grandchildren indebted to pay off our bills for a completely unnecessary war, and leave our military capacity so strained that we wouldn’t be able to fend off a serious attack in any major U.S. city.

Bush hasn’t the guts or the decency to raise taxes on his friends, the real beneficiaries of the war, to avoid draining the country’s wealth, driving us into bankruptcy, and handing our children and grandchildren over into financial slavery to pay for the Bush Follies.

George W. Bush is the liar of largest consequence the U.S. has ever known. We should give serious thought to his coming impeachment.

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Posted by liaison on January 24, 2007


Okay so it wasn’t quite as funny as it could have been. And, though I
am not a supporter of much of anything that George W. Bush has done
while President, I will admit that his public speaking style has
matured in the last six years.   

But he is still making attempts to tie Iraq to 9/11. Much to his
credit, that was one of the few times that he smirked in this
speech.   It was an okay speech, not great, but okay.

I don’t think he sold us on much of anything.  And there was
nothing new.  Health Care? Hey, didn’t Hillary Clinton try to do
something 15 years ago?  And didn’t she get beaten-up by
the conservatives and the right wingnut talk radio guys.  And
didn’t she accumulate a huge amount of  animosity from nearly
anyone whose idea was to not have any health care reform?  Oh,
well, better late than never for Bush I suppose.

There was one point at which I laughed out loud.  It was the
President, with  the National Debt at just under 9 Trillion
Dollars, proclaiming wildly, We’ll balance the Federal Budget and we
won’t raise taxes!!!  That’s pure trash talk from the
President.  Merely balancing the federal budget is not
enough.  That will only stop the borrowing, capping the national
debt.  It won’t pay off the debt or stop the interest payments.
And  we’re going to do this without raising taxes. Please, Mr
President, please pull my other leg!

The Democratic Response was delivered by the newly elected Senator Jim Webb from Virginia who reminded the President that we have watched him mismanage the Iraq War for four years.


And in some other interesting news, today E.
Howard Hunt, the CIA employee
who organized the Watergate Burglary during the Nixon Years 
passed away today.

The Scooter Libby trial is underway this week, with jury selection
complete, and opening statements have begun. 

paint Libby as sacrificial lamb

Denny {:~)

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STATE OF THE UNION: Chill the Beer and Break out the Popcorn

Posted by liaison on January 21, 2007

Chill the beer and break out the popcorn. It’s that time of year again. I’m not referring to Martin Luther King Day, nope. President’s Day, nope. Ground Hog Day, nope. Nope, It’s time for our Dope’s annual State of the Union Address to Congress. Tuesday night. Be sure to tune in for the hilarity as MSNBC is doing all day coverage on Tuesday, pre, present, and post State of the Union Address!!!

You almost have to feel sorry for someone like Bush, who is so defeated, delusional, and in charge of a walking disaster in Iraq. He can’t, with honesty, say much of anything positive about his administration. Bush is our Dope, and we are stuck with him and his idiot cronies for another two years. You could feel pity for him in all of his mess, except that he is so willfully belligerent in his wrongness. He is in desperate need of good, accurate diplomatic advice, but he has only this carnival-esque coterie of an Administration to advise him now.

The Repub. Party has mucked-up the hunt for Bin Laden, Afghanistan, Iraq Civil War, the national debt, the trade deficit, energy policy – done nothing here, global warming, New Orleans, relations with every country in the world, threatening any country they feel like insulting on a particular day, ignoring the Iraq Study Group Report.

This State of the Union Address of 2007 will be fun to watch if only to glean more ammunition with which to embarrass Mr. Bush. If we are lucky we may hear a sentence or two that ring true, but not many. Politically, Bush cannot afford to be honest about anything for the sake of his Repub. party. He’s a salesman, for sure, and he’ll give it his best effort, but he won’t sell many of us. We’ve heard all of the lines and lies, been insulted when we disagreed or called his hand, and we’re sick of his unnecessary militarism.

I will throw myself on the floor laughing hysterically if he tries to tie Iraq to 9/11 one more time.

Bush is a Dope, but he’s our Dope, and we are stuck with him – as off he goes, wallowing around the world muddying all he touches for the next two years.

This may be the last good laugh this nation gets to enjoy for a long time to come, as we try to untangle Bush’s grotesque national and international messes.

So chill the beer and break out the popcorn.


DuPont, Caterpillar, Alcoa, US subsidiary of BP, saying GLOBAL WARMING IS NOW!

Posted by liaison on January 20, 2007

The chemical giant DuPont, the bulldozer company Caterpillar, the aluminium producer Alcoa and the US subsidiary of BP, will all join with environmental groups next week to pressure the Bush Administration to get serious about global warming. STORY HERE OR HERE

The age of global warming denial, meanwhile, also appears to be drawing to a close. Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest oil company, has cut its funding to groups who argue global warming is a hoax, and is now working to develop strategies it can accept for emissions reduction.

It’s about time. Hell, even the religious fundamentalist dinosaurs know global warming is upon us. “It’s time for us to become good stewards of the earth,” as one of my very best friends, a religious liberal, told me two days ago. “God would want us to do that – protect our earth that he created.”

Actually, it would help change the dialogue if we changed the “global warming” label to “global climate change.” There’s always a small handfull of pesky oil company employees who troll around the blogosphere, posting about how the winters are colder than they can ever remember in Houston, and about lost orange crops in southern California. I could play their game and remind them that I’ve seen much colder winters here in Texas, those of 1983, when the temps didn’t get above freezing for 12 days, or that of 1987 when ice storms brought down 38 steel communications towers in West Texas and wreaked havoc with electricity and telephones for hundreds of towns. (Hello, Mick and “Ethanol.”) This winter is not fun, but it’ s not as bad as others I’ve had to work through.

“Rapid global climate change” would be a better nomenclature for what greenhouse gases are doing. The north and south poles are melting. Bears are not hibernating in Siberia anymore. Birds are returning to the New England states earlier every year, as are blossoming fruit trees.

BUT, some places around the globe will see colder winters. Canada, for one, as the polar ice caps melt and let arctic winds blow across open sea waters instead of ice with its insulating properties. England and the northern European countries will see colder winters because the Atlantic Gulf Stream water currents won’t carry as much tropical warming that far north anymore. And Houston, Texas may get more freaky ice storms?

Global Warming, Rapid Global Climate Change, call it what you want, just don’t call it a hoax. It is here upon us. A few dinosaurs and employees of oil companies will continue to troll and whine, and to be scorned by all thoughtful, intelligent people.

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Posted by liaison on January 20, 2007

If you haven’t looked at THE HUFFINGTON POST lately, you absolutely must do so. Arianna Huffington has put together a first rate newspaper. I read the site very often during the day. And occasionally I post a comment or two.

Today on Huffington Post, one of their posts pointed to an article in the NYTIMES: Leading Senator Assails Bush Over Iran Stance

The new chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday sharply criticized the Bush administration’s increasingly combative stance toward Iran, saying that White House efforts to portray it as a growing threat are uncomfortably reminiscent of rhetoric about Iraq before the American invasion of 2003.

Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, the West Virginia Democrat who took control of the committee this month, said that the administration was building a case against Tehran even as American intelligence agencies still know little about either Iran’s internal dynamics or its intentions in the Middle East.

“To be quite honest, I’m a little concerned that it’s Iraq again,” Senator Rockefeller said during an interview in his office. “This whole concept of moving against Iran is bizarre.”

I agree 100% with Rockefeller on this point. As of 2003 Iran was completely willing to help us stabilize Iraq, but the Bush Cabal turned them down, flat-out cold. And now Bush wants to invade Iran!!! Ya, right, we can see how well that has worked for us in Iraq.

My Huffington Post comment to the Rockefeller story went:

If the President so much as looks at Iran cross-eyed, then i believe we should put impeachment back on the table and start the proceedings immediately.

Quite a bit off topic, but on my mind lately, If we had put the trillion dollars that the iraq war will cost us into research on alternative energies, we wouldn’t have to think about the middle east in terms of “national interest” anymore. We could be oil independant of the entire middle east, and probably completely energy self sufficient in a few years.


If the White House Cabal keeps this up, we’ll be wishing for a coup by the U.S. military, as the impeachment process will move too slowly to avert the ensuing world war that will erupt as the major powers of the world converge on the middle east to protect their own national interests from usurption by the U.S. Iran knows that we haven’t the necessary troops to adequately do the job, and they are laughing at our saber-rattling.

The White House cabal is talking pure trash. It’s time for the U.S. to take some serious steps to move us away from our middle east oil dependancy. If we had not offered such huge tax cuts to the wealthy, and had not obligated ourselves to the tune of a trillion dollars in Iraq, we could have made some major strides in the realm of alternative fuels.

I suggest that we keep the impeachment tool very close at hand. These guys’ entire foreign policy seems to revolve around oil profiteering, at the expense of all and anyone else. There’s no telling what they’ll try to pull in the next two years.

UPDATE: Schweitzer Hammers Bush on Iraq in Nat’l Dem Radio Address

David Sirota has an excellent blog posted on the Huffington Post about Brian Schweitzer, the Governor of Montana, delivering this week’s Democratic Radio Address. Gov. Schweitzer covers some of the same topics I’m covering in today’s blog. He agrees on the topic of alternative fuels. They are doing it in Montana, the Big Sky Country. Huffington Post has the text of his address.

We are doing it here in Texas also, to a limited amount, solar, wind and methane recovery. BUT, our own Repub. Governor is trying to fast track the permits to let the utility companies build 11 new coal-power plants USING THE OLD DIRTY COAL TECHNOLOGY!!! Repubs all need to have their heads examined. At the very least we should schedule them for MRI’s to see if they test positive for brain cells. This is absolutely brainless (or corrupt) on Perry’s part.


Update: George Bush on Tax Cut Claims – A Heckuva Claim

Posted by liaison on January 6, 2007

The Washington Post published a response on Jan 6, 2006 to Bush’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece (proclaiming how his tax cuts had bolstered the economy.) While I have called the President a pathological liar on this subject, the Post editorial is not so strident, but extremely unflattering to Bush, nonetheless:

…The claim about fueling record revenue is flat wrong, and it is shocking that the president should persist in making such errors. After all, tax cuts are the central plank of his domestic policy. How can he fail to understand the basic facts about them?

The Post editorial is spot on and I love their last paragraph, it’s so true:

Mr. Bush’s op-ed included nice statements about bipartisan cooperation. But the Democrats would be more likely to cooperate with the president if he stopped making things up.

They all but called Bush a liar – close enough for me.

In other news, albeit local, I had a terrific conservation today with a local media personality who is the brother of Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, whom I think is a great guy. I had no idea that there were only two degrees of separation between the governor and myself – small world these days. See ya, Rudy!! {;~)

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Wesley Autrey: Construction Worker to Subway Hero

Posted by liaison on January 4, 2007

or from the NYTIMES.com

NEW YORK (AP) — Wesley Autrey faced a harrowing choice as he tried to rescue a teenager who fell off a platform onto a subway track in front of an approaching train: Struggle to hoist him back up to the platform in time, or take a chance on finding safety under the train.

This was a genuinely selfless act on the part of a person who recognized that another person was in grave danger, and who then made some split second decisions of life and death, saved a life, and became a hero and minor celebrity in an instant. I first saw the story on CNN(?) this morning and Mr Autrey’s winsome personality just brought a smile to my face.

Thank you Mr Wesley Autrey, for saving a life, and for bringing us such a wonderful story to begin the new year.

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Posted by liaison on January 3, 2007

Bush is lying and wrong in his recent Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal. WSJ readers should feel repulsed by his shameless self-promotion. And again, as in the past Bush trotted-out (and flogged) this tired little pony:

It is also a fact that our tax cuts have fueled robust economic growth and record revenues. Because revenues have grown and we’ve done a better job of holding the line on domestic spending, we met our goal of cutting the deficit in half three years ahead of schedule. By continuing these policies, we can balance the federal budget by 2012 while funding our priorities and making the tax cuts permanent. In early February, I will submit a budget that does exactly that. The bottom line is tax relief and spending restraint are good for the American worker, good for the American taxpayer, and good for the federal budget. Now is not the time to raise taxes on the American people. [emphasis mine]

He’s a lying, wrongheaded idiot if he actually believes what he’s saying in the piece. First, tax cuts have been good only for corporations and the wealthy, but not for American wage earners.

Second, and perhaps best: “Because revenues have grown and we’ve done a better job of holding the line on domestic spending, we met our goal of cutting the deficit in half three years ahead of schedule.” Now what deficit is he talking about here – the budget deficit? But wait, he had no budget deficit when he took over the office from (D) Bill Clinton. How can you divide zero by 2 and come up with a positive number? Bush is lying and blaming Clinton for Bush’s own increased budget deficit. “And we’ve done a better job of holding the line on domestic spending,” – that would be services to the people who need it the most – us, the American people.

That entire paragraph is rubbish. It doesn’t even rise to the level of good fairytales. The U.S. has a record national debt. The U.S. has a record trade deficit. The U.S. has an increasing budget deficit due to tax cuts on the incomes that can most afford the tax load – the wealthy. Bush’s economic policy is a recipe for disaster. We have a ticking bomb on our hands, not the kind planted by terrorists, but, far worse, it’s our looming inability to even make interest payments on the debt. Clinton left us with hope, which was squandered within Bush’s first year in office.

Under Clinton we were actually a pay as you go economy, and actually beginning to retire portions of the national debt – we were paying our bills and paying off old debt. Now, under the Bush Republicans we are doing neither.

Can you Grok it? We now have the largest national debt in the history of this country!!!! Bush cuts taxes on the wealthy and calls himself a hero to American wage earners who have not seen a minimum wage increase since 1994, under Clinton, as the national debt climbs higher and faster than under Ronald Reagan who at least claimed that he was at least racing to push the soviets into bankruptcy and collapse.


Bush is a pathological liar on the economy, pure and simple.

Bush claims he has an MBA from Yale. And Republicans claim that only their party can balance budgets and run businesses. This is so laughable that it makes me cry for the future of our country, the United States of America.

My thanks to THE HUFFINGTON POST for the heads up on the Bush Op-ed piece.


“Now, he is in the garbage of history.”

Posted by liaison on December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein executed in Baghdad” reads the A.P. headline today. It’s a very interesting read.

Now, he is in the garbage of history,” said Jawad Abdul-Aziz, who lost his father, three brothers and 22 cousins in the reprisal killings that followed a botched 1982 assassination attempt against Saddam in the Shiite town of Dujail.

I’m hopeful, for the sake of the Iraqi people, that the symbolic act of executing Saddam by hanging will crystalize some vision of national unity in the zeitgeist of the Iraqi people.

This event in Iraqi history would seem to be one in which everyone in their country will remember exactly where they were when they heard the news, much like when the U.S. heard of Pearl Harbor, JFK’s death, or the 9-11 attacks. Better examples might be the Fall of the Berlin Wall, VE-Day, or Richard Nixon’s resignation. Saddam’s hanging seems to be of importance, enough so that it could be said to be a moment of nationalism. Not a call to arms, but a call to Peace. Perhaps it won’t happen immediately, but this will signal a change of direction. We can hope, for the sake of the Iraqi people.

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Saddam Executed by Hanging

Posted by liaison on December 29, 2006

Iraqi state television is reporting that Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging in Baghdad.


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U.S. hands Saddam Hussein over to Iraqis to be hanged

Posted by liaison on December 29, 2006

Just in from CNN and Reuters News: The U.S. has just handed Saddam Hussein over to Iraqi authorities to be hanged. Presumably this will happen today, or no later than tomorrow. Saddam’s defense lawyers have been asked not to come to Baghdad, and have been told to pickup his personal belongings. Reuters story: Saddam transferred to Iraqi custody: defense lawyer

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Mid-holiday catch-all; Gerald Ford – RIP; James Brown – RIP; Hussein to Swing before Sunday

Posted by liaison on December 28, 2006

WHEW! What a week for news:

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr., 93, who became the 38th president of the United States as a result of some of the most extraordinary events in U.S. history… R.I.P.

Soul Singer James Brown dies

U.S.: Saddam Likely To Die By Sunday

Saddam to be hanged by Sunday

Most anyone with a crystal ball, Ouija Board, or a full deck of Tarot Cards anticipates some sort of heightened violence in response from the Sunnis and the Baathhist Party if and when the execution happens.

The Bush administration has decided to propose listing the polar bear as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, putting the U.S. government on record as saying that global warming could drive one of the world’s most recognizable animals out of existence.

Head-banging Chinese snakes can predict earthquakes days in advance, say scientists Thanks to THE HUFFINGTON POST for the heads up on this story.

To all of my many, many loyal readers. Okay, well, there’s a small handfull of regulars, and I thought I would let you know that two events will thin out the number of posts i’ll be adding for the next month or so. One, the workload of my day job is changing, and won’t allow me to spend quite as much time blogging for the next month. Two, after several months of small successes and experience gained in the blogospere, I am dropping back to give the matter a brief re-think.

I’ve experimented at two other blogsites and finally settled on WordPress as my choice of sites for this blog. For one, the search engines readily find WordPress blogs, which cannot be said of Blogger/Blogspot. So WordPress it is.

Also, in the next month I’ll be upgrading this site to allow more control over the template, the visual appearance, so the reader has a better time here and will stay longer, and hopefully will click on some ad links so’s I can make enough jingle to let me spend more time here.

So thanks to everyone who educated me here, this year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Kwaanza, a Wonderfully Happy Hannakuh, and/or a Drunken New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year. (Season’s Greetings if you don’t believe in any of the foregoing.)




Posted by liaison on December 17, 2006

Congratulations dear readers, Time Magazine named you person of the year. And Time got it right. YOU! Okay, us, or anyone who took control from the powers that be, or who contributed in some way. There are a lot of astounding things happening. The internet has grown beyond our wildest imaginations 10 years ago.

Read the Time article and give yourselves a pat on the back. If you are reading this then give yourself a warm pat on the back for not ingesting mainstream media for at least a while today.

ps If you are Bill O’Reilly and you are reading this then don’t give yourself a pat on the back. We bloggers remember you spouting, “I’d go in with a hand grenade,” referring to what you’d do to the blogosphere! I’m pretty sure that Time Magazine wasn’t referring to you, Bill, when they said, “YOU.” What they meant in your case was, “Get over yourself, Bill.” Ditto to Newt Gingrich for suggesting that we need to curb freedom of speech to prevent terrorist attacks. I’m pretty sure Time wasn’t referring to you either, Newt.

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On McCain Trip to Iraq, Graham is Shocked by the Violence

Posted by liaison on December 14, 2006

Lindsey Graham was shocked by the violence during his recent trip to Iraq:

The first time I came here with Sen. McCain we went rug shopping. Yesterday, we moved around in a tank. It’s one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

I ask you, the reader, how did we, in three years time, go from “mission accomplished” to a civil war in Iraq that is threatening to break out into regional civil war? We all know pretty much who let this situation devolve into total chaos. Those folks should be brought to accountability, and I’m referring to Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, for starters.

They went into Iraq with too few troops to secure the peace, the munitions, the peace, the militias, the peace, the explosives, the peace, and even our own weapons shipments to ourselves in Iraq!!

And now Laura Bush wants to blame G.W.’s low numbers on the media!! watch the video

It is not encouraging coverage for sure. There’s no doubt about it. But I do know that there are a lot of good things that are happening that aren’t covered. And I think that the drum beat in the country from the media, from the only way people know what is happening unless they happened to have a loved one deployed there, is discouraging.

Ha! What a total crock. The media and the Iraq Study Group have taken it on the chin for not leaving the secured “Green Zone” area of Baghdad -for hiring contract “stringers”, but Graham and McCain and company traveled in a tank! for protection. I am laughing out loud at Laura Bush’s whine about all the good things that are happening over there. Like? Like how could we know, because it’s too dangerous to go find any good news. I mean, who’s going to go out of the green zone to visit Iraqi retirement centers to see how the needlepoint and woodcarving classes are working out?

Or, maybe she meant good things happening in the U.S. Okay, yes then that’s true, there are good things happening. But most Americans are not so shallow as Laura and George, as to not pay some attention, and not to feel some grief and remorse that we’ve gotten 650,000 civilians killed in Iraq, to date, and the end is nowhere to be seen. And most of us also feel dismayed that we elected an individual who is so totally incompetant to the highest office in the land, the U.S. Presidency.

Her husband is a joke and she blames the media for not attending classes at retirement centers and daycare facilities. Ha! Laura, Honey, there’s a war going on out there, you should ask your husband what it’s all about and what his role was. (God, I’d like to eavesdrop on that conversation. It’d be funnier than your typical birds and bees talk.)

Peace Out, Denny


EDIT: Here’s more info on the Laura Bush interview, from Media Matters

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Saudi Ambassador to U.S. Resigns; Grim What If

Posted by liaison on December 13, 2006

Saudis Give U.S. a Grim What If
Saudi Arabia, whose private citizens are supporting the Iraqi Sunnis, will offer official governmental support to the Iraqi Sunnis against the Shiites if the U.S. pulls out, and if a Sunni bloodbath begins to occur. In that event the Saudis will take on Iran and a large regional civil war will set in.

There’s some pretty strong implications in this piece from the NY Times.

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By 2040 Greenhouse Gases … Open Arctic Sea in Summers

Posted by liaison on December 11, 2006

!!!! Alarm Bells – anyone hear them over the din of Limbaugh, FOX News, Coulter, DeLay, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, body counts, ….?
By 2040, Greenhouse Gases Could Lead to an Open Arctic Sea in Summers ANDREW C. REVKIN of the NY Times is writing about an article from the journal Geophysical Research Letters,

Basically, we’ll have shipping lanes from Atlantic to Pacific oceans north of Canada. Folks will be buying land in northern Canada, and building ports and fuelling stations up there, as the polar bears begin to run out of territory. The problem will continue to get worse as the darker colored ocean waters will absorb more heat than the white ice. Ironically, the winters will be colder, as blowing winds pick up more cold from the melted waters than from the frozen ice.

You really need to look at the map in the Times article to see how huge this summer ice melt will be. Almost the entire northern polar ice cap will be melted in the summer, leaving a small amount of summer ice to the north of Eastern Canada and Greenland.

Meanwhile, in my home state of Texas, we are being hijacked by the pinheaded Governor Rick Perry who is fast tracking the permits for 11 new coal-burning power plants. These are not the new, cleaner coal burners, he is letting them build 11 OLD TECHNOLOGY COAL PLANTS!!!!!!

With the foresight and intelligence of Rick Perry, I’m starting to think that he’s ready for the national scene in ’08. Yeah, that’s the ticket, “PERRY FOR PREZ IN ’08.” It would be a relief to get him out of Texas. Poor Washington.

If only we’d simply forgotten about Iraq after we’d finished up in Afghanistan, we could have gone to war against global warming.


If only we’d been as smart as Brazil. They were quick to react to the oil embargoes of the early 70’s, and started on a national program to convert their vehicles to ethanol. By last year the transition was complete. Every vehicle in Brazil runs on ethanol produced from sugar cane, which has a higher per acre yield than corn. In fact, Brazil is now an exporter of ethanol.

If only, … aaaahhhhh, But no, the U.S. is still dependent on Middle Eastern oil, and getting worse, and soon to be competing with a China on the fast track to consumerism and demands for more oil. So we are trying to permanantly embed ourselves in the Middle East to bring democracy to the region, rid it of WMD, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people so that we preserve our own national interests over there. Can you spell oil with me kids, O-I-L. Very Good!

My how the time flies when I’m off on a good rant. Thank God and Little George Bush that we’re winning in Iraq!!! We’re winning? Right? Little George????

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Posted by liaison on December 11, 2006

BRITAIN STOPS TALK OF ‘WAR ON TERROR’ Probably a wise move since the new paradigm is “Diplomacy.” I’m not being sarcastic.

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